Young Carers Activity Day

By Joanne Rowe | Blog

Feb 19

Burnley Young Carers and Hyburn and Ribble Young Carers have been coming to Coldwell Activity Centre for the last few years . They enjoy their residentials here especially because it has a homely feel due to our features.   Some are as young as 8 years old so this is important to them as sometimes is their first time away without their parents.


The two teams joined forces for an activity day in February, they were initially going to do army bootcamp. Due to our instructor being out of action Andy from Battlefield Live Pennine stepped in to do a session of lasertag in the woods.

We have a great range of on-site and off-site activities.

Although the sun shone bright , it is still nippy in the woods but they soon warmed up running about and a few snipers even braved the floor to get maximum shooting range.

Glad to be back in the warm they enjoyed a healthy lunch made by the Coldwell staff of baked potatoes , beans, tuna, cheese and salad.  Home-made chocolate cake was a definite must as after all they had certainly burnt off some calories.

We will be sure to see them again this Spring and Summer.

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