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Apr 21

We have many diverse groups at Coldwell and because of this we have many dietary requirements that we need to cater for.  Check out our facilities.

Last year we had a silent retreat , of which 90% were vegetarian and the rest vegan.  We developed a menu consisting of  light meals of home-made Leek and potato and also butternut squash soups.  Although we are now realising how hard work it is to peel and chop alot of butternut squashes!

The beauty of having a gardens area at Coldwell we were able to use some home grown produce , like some tomatoes and onions for the roasted veg to go on the pizzas.

residential food veggi homemade pizzas

Breakfast consisted of museli and home-made porridge and yoghurt.

We tried our hands at home-made soda bread which was a great success as shown in the picture below.

soda bread cooked


Butterbean casserole is a tried and tested meal as myself and Claire often make it when we are going on one of our many stop/start diets . It is a great filling meal and stops us from having four lots of cheese on toast instead!

butterbean hotpot



For desserts apple crumble and custard which were adapted for vegans with oatmeal topping and vegan custard, home-made rice pudding with soya milk , fruit salad and lemon cheesecake and adapted for the vegans with tofu.

lemon cheesecake closeup

We do send out a set menu to groups, but please ask if you want anything that is not listed on their as we will try our best to cater for your needs.

We also can cater for functions through our cafe.


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