The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival

By Joanne Rowe | Blog

Feb 17

Now in it’s 27th year 2016, the rhythm and blues festival is annual event is held in the local town of Colne just 3 miles away from Coldwell Activity Centre. The last bank holiday weekend every August. Spread over four days , artists from around the globe perform in pubs and venues throughout Colne, resulting in a mass of visitors, largely dressed in a bohemian style,  eager to hear the wide array of music. Coldwell Activity Centre accomodation  can be hired for groups of music loving people wanting to stay together.   As well as performers at the local pubs there are three main stages, The International Stage, the British Stage and the Acoustic Stage so there is something for everyone.  Some venues charge an entrance fee, others do not, or a weekend pass can be purchased from Colne Municipal Hall or the Leisure Centre.

The whole town becomes alive with a fantastic atmosphere, street sellers line the pavements and there is a fairground for young and old alike.  Most of the little independent shops open late into the evening, keen to catch the extra trade from the thousands of people who pass through. Even those who are not fans of Rythym and Blues still enjoy the atmosphere and buzz of the event.  So groups staying that weekend could just pop over to the festival just to soak up the atmosphere

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