Snow does not stop us

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Jan 29

Coldwell Activity Centre has no doubt lovely scenery in summer , but winter can be just as beautiful in the winter months.


We have many groups using the Centre in the winter months:


Prince’s Trust groups for their Residential week

National Citizen Service

Band rehearsing breaks

Choir rehearsing breaks

Guides and Scouts

College and School revision breaks

Silent retreat, winter retreats

Private families – Birthday celebrations, Family get-together, Anniversaries

These are alongside our varying Youth Groups that use us for group acoomodation.

Coldwell Activity Centre is frequently described by many of our groups as a home from home, this is helped by the cozy feel  in the lounge and other rooms.We also get comments on our friendliness and the fact that we  go that extra mile.

This has been proven again this week with the heavy snow conditions in Pendle.Our dedicated team have met with a Youth group from Blackburn to guide them up the hills in the snow as they were apprehensive about finding the building on their own, so had to convoy them  up to the Centre.

We were also working late to clean up after their Evening meal and had to be in early the next day to cook the groups breakfasts. Unsure whether we would be able to get our cars out off the front  street on Sunday morning  to make it, a desicision by our Manager Claire was made to sleep  overnight  on z-beds in the offices.

A group of walkers also were greeted by us when we opened up the Cafe specially so they could retreat from the snow and wind and made them all a hot drink and supplied cake, whilst preparing the lunch for the group staying in the Centre.

Our activity providers too made sure they delivered their activities and adapted them due to the amount of snow. We will tell you more about that in our ‘January groups ‘ blog at the end of the month.

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