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Apr 13

Coldwell Activity Centre has been used recently for school and college revision breaks.

Coldwell accomodation boasts beautiful and peaceful surroundings. These features are ideal for the studying students who need to concentrate.

Coldwell recently has had groups of 32 students studying whist using our residential accommodation.

The students separated into 2 groups , 16 of them upstairs in the den. The den  is a large room, with tables and chairs, that can sit 16 students comfortably.



The rest of students study in the conference room.  The conference room is a large room that has an interactive whiteboard, flips chart , podium and good views of the countryside.


The teachers have found it very beneficial as normally they would finish their studies at 3.30pm but staying at Coldwell they are able to work up to their evening meal which has been prepared by ourselves , giving the teachers valuable time.  Then after their evening meal they are able to continue studies ensuring maximum revision time.

The groups say it is home from home which helps their stay away as some of the students have not been away from home before. We have been told we are caring with the groups and take extra care with any looking homesick.

We have flip-charts, interactive whiteboard , wi-fi facilities to help with any lectures and studies.

The class usually have work where they need to split up into groups , therefore make great use of the various room by splitting into subteams , some in the conference room, den , lounge and dining room.

Example of their itinery:

Friday depart from school – arrive at Coldwell for a Centre Induction

Evening meal prepared by Coldwell staff

Introduction to revision weekend (by school staff)

Second Day

Breakfast prepared and served by Coldwell staff

Revision time

Lunch prepared by Coldwell staff

Revision time

Evening meal prepared by Coldwell staff

Preparation for mock exam

Third day

Breakfast prepared by Coldwell staff

Mock exam


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