Prince’s Trust groups in winter at Coldwell

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Mar 17

The winter months are busy at Coldwell, especially eventful with our Prince’s Trust teams.

One of our longest standing customers is St.Helens, and one of our first bookings  of the year. They have been coming to Coldwell around 10 years.

The Prince’s Trust programme is beneficial  to Young people at a loose end through lack of employment , skills, confidence and motivation.  Whilst at Coldwell the St.Helens team do a large amount  of team building work. They do many exercises on team building on site at Coldwell and also venture out to walks up Pendle Hill and Gisburn forest.


St Helens Team building



Vicky, Paula , Shaun , Angela and Tim are the professional  leaders that have been visiting Coldwell for years . Tim has now flown the nest going to pursue a career in nursing. We wish him well and know that his bubbly, caring nature will surely see him being a great success.

tim princes trust yeam final day

Tims last day for St.Helens Prince’s Trust


Also The Ormskirk Prince’s Trust Team’s David Massam has gone onto pastures new but will continue to come to Coldwell with his Air Cadets.

Somewhere under a rainbow

Ormskirk Prince’s Trust


Teams from Burnley and Pendle Prince’s Trust have been coming  to Coldwell to do work experience and team projects over the last 5 years. Previously in the gardens I have had a few working with me on projects. Over the 2 weeks that they are here  , they really improve with confidence and  I have to say it feels very rewarding to see them flourish.  I have also been to their presentations at the end of their 12 week programme where I can openly say I have definitely shed quite a few tears!  One of the young lads who stood out regarding his motivation to work  is now pursuing his dream of becoming a firefighter.

Glen (or Glendo  to some of the cheekier ones including me)  currently works with the students when they are here  on work experience and team projects helping with maintenance and gardening. Last year they worked extremely hard on a project of improving a part of the gardens producing a lovely rockery area and making benches from disused fence posts.

july 2014 rockery pt


pt july 2014 sign comm project             20140711_120836_resized S

The Mayor and Mayoress of Burnley, Andy and Lorna Tatchell and local MP Andrew Stevenson came on the last day to inspect their brilliant work.




One of the young chaps who came for work experience, who found it difficult in new environments came back to do some more voluntary work as he said Coldwell is where he felt most comfortable. This is a great testament that Glen is doing a great job at getting the best out of the volunteers at the same time making their placement here enjoyable and rewarding.

Keighley Prince’s Trust came in January when we had the most snow of the winter. There were no problems getting here as the roads were well gritted. They enjoyed activities of laser tag in the woods on the first day with Andy and Louise at Battlefield Live Pennine despite the thick snow.

On the second day they participated in bushcraft and survival skills in the woods. They normally use the fallen branches and tarpoling to make their shelters ,but  due to the weather Jim from  Outdoor Elements decided to use the snow to make igloos. I went down to have a look and was very impressed as they had made individual bricks from the compact snow to make them.  The group really appreciated making a campfire so they could have some hot chocolate to warm them up.

DSCN3523                                          DSCN3520

They also went on a walk to Oaken Bank, Alder Hurst near Trawden where as you can see on the pictures the wooded area looked beautiful with fresh snow. The group commented on how it looked like a winter wonderland!

DSCN3497                                           DSCN3499

In the afternoon they did team building and problem solving in the warm indoors of the conference room and worked very well together considering they had only known each other for just over a week.

residential & team work 099

The next day they went to Outdoor Elements, just 15 minutes away to do the high ropes course including Jacobs ladder, crate stack and leap of faith. They really felt  great achievements as it is something that some of them thought they could never do.

We must congratulate the Keighley Prince’s Trust group for their impeccable manners and behaviour on their residential here. On the last day they were all given a certificate of achievement and we are sure they will all continue to make great progress.


Ormskirk , Skelmersdale and Calderdale Prince’s Trust also came this winter, of which all of them went on a guided walk as well as most of the activities that the previous groups have done , some braver than others. Dave who takes them on the guided walks commented on how motivated the Ormskirk group was even though the weather was windy and raining they chose to do the longest and highest walk to Boulsworth Hill. They all coped really well, managed it with a smile, despite the walk being quite a challenge for some of them. There was a real sense of achievement when they got back to the Centre(in the dark) . They walked 6.2 miles and burned 888 calories so they earned their evening meal.


Ready for Off

Calderdale Prince’s Trust ready for the off

Ormskirk on top

Ormskirk Prince’s Trust braving the top of Boulsworth Hill in January!



The Prince’ Trust scheme is a 12 week including the following:

Week 1 – Introduction to the Team programme

Week 2 – Residential week

Week 3 -6 – Community project

Week 7-8 – Work placement

The majority of the members of the groups on the Prince’s Trust scheme improve their skills, confidence and motivation, therefore it improves their job prospects.

If you want any information on the Prince’s Trust scheme , please visit

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