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Feb 09



Did you realise we are a not for profit organisation ?

Any profit made goes towards Youth groups with little or no funding .

So remember when you book you are also helping towards these groups.

Thanks to the increase in bookings,  we have been able to achieve our goal this year.

Local groups and some further afield have benefited from this. Some groups had an extra free night with home-made food enabling then to have more of a break.

During the Christmas period we were able to host 3 separate party’s.   These are for children from groups struggling with funding. They had a delicious buffet made by our Manager Claire , Joanne and Nicola. A disco with games hosted by Jedi disco’s with prizes who is excellent as kept them all well entertained. . A the end all the children received presents to go home with. This also enabled parents to have a bit more time to themselves in the most stressful part of the year.


Young Carers receiving their presents

The staff at Coldwell Activity Centre sometimes work seven days a week . This can be tiring. It is all so worthwhile when we can give our time to fun events to these well deserving children and bring big smiles to their faces. (especially with me raving away to early 90’s tunes that they have never heard of!)


We must give thanks to the funding we received from BFC in the community . With the funding they gave us, we were able to purchase an inflatable archery game. We have had our eye of one of these for a while as we thought this would be a perfect fun game and activity without costing them a penny. The inflatable archery is a safer alternative to the traditional bows and arrows. The activity still needs supervision and Glen did a smashing job of that on the 3 nights. The aim is to hit the levitating balls in the inflatable target. (well so they say I think we have managed one ball in 120 try’s!)


Inflatable Archery

The inflatable archery is going to be a separate activity. We will make it available for youth groups who have no funding or little funding. Some groups cannot afford organised activities with instructors. This will be available along with the excising free team building games.


The staff have also been collecting a large number of items from their own houses and friends and family for the local Blind Society.


Raffle prizes

The Burnley and District Blind Society came to Coldwell Activity Centre in July . On a sunny afternoon they enjoyed lunch of home-made pie and peas and delicious home-made Victoria sponge and chocolate cake.  After lunch Sue Allonby  came and gave them some dramatic and exciting traditional storytelling. Sue is one of our many activity providers .

Some of our groups are close to our hearts.  We see them year after year growing up in to polite , responsible young people. One of the groups is the Young Carers. At such a young age, they have so many adult responsibilities.

See our local young carers information . Look out for your own towns organisation and see if you can help, they are looking out for people to help in fundraising.

The Coldwell staff have their thinking caps on for fundraising . I have been thinking of doing a sponsered headshave but the boyfriend looked rather worried. Maybe bathing in beans might be on the cards instead!

The young carers are a regular visitor to us. They make so much of the break away from their caring role at home and comment on how homely the Centre is.

Coldwell also supports volunteers coming from all walks of life. Volunteering is a great stepping stone for people unemployed wanting to get back into work.  All the volunteers  have commented on how  relaxed the  environment is.  Also the friendliness of the staff has helped them progress. Then when they are ready for the world of employement , made less daunting.

Glen and myself were volunteers.  We can agree Coldwell’s calming environment helped us achieve more  confidence once again.  After success in making improvements in the Centre we gained full-time employment.

For more information on accomodation, volunteering etc please contact us.




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