New Activity-Bootcamp with Army Veteran

By Joanne Rowe | Blog

Jun 26


We are very excited to announce a new activity at Coldwell Activity Centre, Army style bootcamp.  It is something we have never had before and is very unique to our Centre.

‘I am Gregg Stevenson former Army Commando. I was injured in Afghanistan and since leaving the Armed Forces I have become a Personal Trainer. I try to install a little Military ethos, team work and a lot of fun into my sessions. I like to look at the benefits of an active and healthy lifestyle and encourage others to evaluate their lifestyle. I look forward to working with you!’


Gregg specialises  with people with disabilities and wheelchair users showing a positive attitude.

The sessions can be made to fit around what you are looking achieve for your group,  around 1-1 and half hour bootcamp including warm-up and cool down. Gregg can make it fun and can adapt it to individuals abilities. This can be done on our land behind the building.

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Gregg can also incorporate a session beforehand in the conference room stating the importance of exercise and nutrition.



This session is ideal for any group , especially youth groups in need of motivation and confidence.

This Activity can be done as part of a Residential stay with us or as part of an Activity Day.


For bookings and enquires , please contact us via our contact page or call us on 01282 601819.




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