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Jan 22


Well what a great week it has been with a new Prince’s Trust group joining us at Coldwell Activity Centre for their Residential week of their 12 week programme.

The group enjoyed an unusual calm, sunfilled January day walking with Dave around Coldwell and also ventured out to historic towns of Skipton and Malham.

Even though they spent one and half days walking , Dave reported how well they all did with very few grumbles.

Here are some fantastic pictures:


Horse-riding was another activity , although some of them got bored easily they stuck to it without too many moans, with some excelling in the activity.

The high-ropes course off-site filled the final day , with some more apprehensive than others but achieved heights they never thought they could reach, which sums up their week to a tee.

A large percentage of  groups staying with us at Coldwell Activity Centre can be very challenging with their behavior. Sometimes this is due to them only knowing each other for a short spaceof time , for example for the Prince’s Trust the Residential is on their second week of the 12 week programme so personalities can clash.

We have to say a big congratulations to all the group for their impeccable behavior whilst at Coldwell. A big part of that is due to their encouraging , firm but fair leaders Brad and Lesley.

We have just been part of their presentation for the review of the week here, each stating how it has changed their views on getting to know different people from backgrounds and areas they would not normally associate with.

Brad gave each and every-one of them positive feedback of a part of their personality that has benefited them all as a group.

Although brief, it is a pleasure being part of the scheme, we often see positive outcomes from youths who have little or no confidence blossom in that short space of time.

All the staff at Coldwell wish them all well and can be sure if they finish the programme they will have gained great experience which will help go on to improve their lives.

For more information , please visit The Prince’s Trust  website.

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