Hendon Brook school visit

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Jul 27

Hendon Brook school from the local town in Nelson came to spend the day at Coldwell Activity Centre on a sunny June day.  Some schools do come to stay for a few nights as part of a residential with our extensive accommodation.

The children enjoyed a walk in the morning with Dave ( a former teacher) at Trawden primary school.  After lots of discussion on whether to take their rucksacks, coats etc they set off to the beautiful woodland areas near Coldwell.

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They enjoyed the challenge , but were very grateful  to see the Centre in the distance. This meant they could soon have their picnic lunch outside.

In the afternoon the children were split into groups and enjoyed the on-site activities both indoor and outdoors of our great facilities.  This included :

Orienteering in the woods

Adjoining woods


Inflatable Archery



Pool and table football competition

Games Room


X-Box 360 Games in the Den

For schools and other groups that struggle for funding, this is a great day without paying a fortune.

For more details on:

Day bookings

Residential stays



Any questions at all or you would like to come and visit with no obligation for a brew, chat and a look around  please contact us.

Coldwell Activity Centre is a not-for-profit organisation.


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