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Apr 19
The View over the Coldwell Res near Colne

Health and Wellbeing Retreat weekend at

Coldwell activity Centre –Lancashire

  • Perfect for a Christmas/Birthday present
  • Ideal to shed of the winter blues
  • Suitable for beginners
  • We are a not-for-profit where money goes towards Young Groups have a break away

Please see below why we are different and suitable for beginners and the itinerary.

We will also be offering the retreats in other months , so please contact us with when you would like to do a retreat and we will try our best to suit popular times for individuals.

Friday 13-Sunday 15 January 2017.

Friday- Sunday Full- Board with activities suitable for beginners:

Laughter Yoga or Introductory to yoga

Aromatherapy workshop

Introduction to meditation

Making your own lotions with essential oils

Scenic guided walk or individual treatment (Hand or Indian head massage)

1 person occupying an en-suite room £199 pp

1 person occupying a standard room £189 pp

2 person occupying an en-suite room £179 pp

2 people occupying a standard room £169 pp

If you would like so see more details, please click on this information of our accommodation.


*please note this is an introductory offer at an extremely competitive rate , so hurry and book your place!


contact us –  01282 601819

charity number – 701170

Reasons why we are different

Have you ever fancied a retreat but thought it was too expensive?

We are more reasonable than most retreats because the accommodation is not luxurious but homely.

Do you need a different way to relax and get away from the daily grind of a busy lifestyle?

We are in peaceful location in the beautiful Lancashire countryside, yet only 10 minutes from the M65.

Do you want to meet new people, learn new skills to relax in a fun environment without taking yourself too seriously?

Our retreats are suitable for complete beginners and also for those with a little experience.

Do you want to stay somewhere where your money will go towards a good cause?

We are a not-for –profit organisation that helps Young Carers have a break away and day events with any profit made.

Do you want to have the opportunity to have a weekend of healthier home-made vegetarian food,  but also given the option of having meat if you want to?

Many retreats stick to a vegetarian diet only , although better for cleansing/detoxing purposes , we would not want to impose on your enjoyment and go hungry.

Do you feel happier in summer but down in winter , so you feel you need a retreat more in winter months?

We are aiming to do the retreats all year round, but gearing more to winter months when you really need that boost.

Friday 3-4pm –arrival

You will arrive and have a cuppa, staff with give an induction for fire and safety, then shown your room to unpack and have chance to unwind before your evening meal.

We want you to be relaxed so we will not be asking to introduce yourself, you can get to know everyone during your evening meal in your own time.


5.30pm – Home-made evening meal will be served


6.30-7.30pm – Either Laughter Yoga or Introduction into yoga

With a professional instructor will ease any tension you may have. With accreditations and years of experience you will be shown basics in how to strengthen your immune system, release tension and promote relaxation, as well as being a fun exercise for health and happiness and a good night sleep.


Saturday 8am-9am – Healthy and nutritious breakfast

9.30am-12.30 – Guided Walk

Either choose a guided walk around the stunning countryside with a local instructor, or for those who prefer to stay on-site you can just relax around the Centre , or book individual taster sessions with our therapist for a hand massage or Indian Head massage, at no extra cost. Please note there will only be 9 spaces so book in to avoid disappointment.

12.30-1.30 – A light home-made lunch


1.30-3.30pm – Aromatherapy workshop

Our instructor Catherine Wells is an experienced Complementary Therapist, with a passion for all things natural and healthy and she will be with you for the afternoon and evening.

The aromatherapy workshop is a great way to learn about the Essential Oils, and the amazing effects they can have on the mind and body.

With a little knowledge, the use of these oils can be incorporated into your daily life to help improve your wellbeing, including stress reduction. Some common oils include Lavender, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, peppermint, Lemon and Tea Tree.

The workshop is delivered in an interesting and fun way, including a smell test competition and choosing a mix for your own oils!

During the session any questions can be answered by Catherine about the use and safe application of Essential Oils in the home, using her experience as a Clinical Aromatherpist.


4pm-5pm – Making your own lotions and potions with Essential Oils

Using natural Organic bases from Neal’s yard Remedies; you will have time to study the different benefits of some carefully chosen essential oils to add to your lotions.

Using a synergy of 3 different oils which is the ideal mix, we can Catherine’s experience as a Clinical Aromatherpist to guide you.

A tailored choice of suitable oils can be chosen to fully benefit the needs of the individual after learning a little more about the various active chemical components. We have a selection of reference books to help you in your choice.


6.30-8.30pm – Balancing and uplifting meditation for beginners

Sometimes we struggle to keep up with the pressures and busy pace of our lives and this can start to have a negative effect on our health.

If we try to balance the pressure on our minds and body this can be beneficial for us in the long run. Meditation is a good way to quieten the mind and allow the body to heal itself.

In this guided meditation Catherine will start with the basic principles involved, such as breathing techniques and the best positions to adopt during it. You will then be taken on a journey of relaxing meditations, helping to clam the mind and uplift the spirit.

So you will be fully relaxed, ready for a good night sleep again.


Sunday 8.30am – Breakfast

10 am – depart with home-made tea loaf to take on your journey home.


Any questions at all , please contact us

01282 601819


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