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Mar 05

Looking for a free guided walk around Pendle, Burnley, Nelson and Colne, then look no further than Coldwell Activity Centre. The walks are on the last Friday of the month.


All ready for the off


We had a good turnout this Friday 27th February for the guided walk even though the weather remained cold and very wet underfoot. . My  Manager Claire and I  joined the group as we were working late that night with a Youth group so thought it could be a good break-off inbetween. Dayley dog also came along to try and burn off some of his puppy energy.

We were scheduled to  head to Beardshaw Head but because Peter had requests on the location of certain places , he changed it to fulfil those with the agreement of the whole group.

IMG_20150227_113332390 (1)          IMG_20150227_102134997      IMG_20150227_113153961

The terrain started out muddy and slippy but we have to say it was well worth it when we arrived near Oaken Bank , then Lumb Spout at the waterfalls. It is amazing that you can live so close to some beautiful places in walking distance but need someone to point them out to you!


Lumb Spout


This walk even though slightly longer than last months was less tiring on the legs as it was much flatter .

On the way back Peter went at the bottom of Boulsworth Hill , so the last bit was mostly on the stone track which was a nice break from mud. Peter pointed out the gambling site on Deerstone Moor just up the hill from Coldwell Activity Centre. For the History of Coldwell click here.


Coldwell in view


On return to Coldwell some of us had already pre-ordered sandwiches, chips and salad. We thank the people who stayed behind to purchase a lunch as this helps towards keeping the Cafe running.  Remember even if you purchase a speciality coffee it all helps. For a guided walk, great company and use of the facilities £1.50 Is certainly not much to ask.

Dayley dog needed a good rub down as his fur had become crusty in all the mud but at least he was shattered and slept the rest of the afternoon!


A very tired Dayley dog


We were both shattered too and we were chuckling alot due to the fact 70 + year old chaps were asking whether the two of us youngsters at just turned 40 were okay on the way round the walk. There definitely is a lot to be said about these kind of walks for improving your level of fitness so I intend to keep doing them.

If you want to attend any walks or have any requests for beginner walks or other locations, please let us know.  To keep up to date on the current walks please visit the cafe page by clicking here

For bookings or enquires please fill out the contact page or telephone us on 01282 601819 or email




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