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Feb 17

In February 2016 a new Prince’s Trust group from Beeston , a suberb of Leeds came to Coldwell.

The team is ran by Elaine who has been to Coldwell many times under her term at Keighley Prince’s Trust.

The other members of staff are by Linda , Aaron and volunteer Dan.

The group consisted of half and half lads and lassies of nine students. They are all strangers until a week before their Residential stay. They come to Coldwell on their residential in the second week of their twelve week programme. The group was smaller than normal so they had the bonus of having a room to themselves. The leaders have their separate en-suite rooms. We are lucky to have 37 beds spread over 13 bedrooms.

Their stay started on the Tuesday with laser tag with Andy and Louise of battlefield live pennine Luckily the torrential rain we have had recently curbed itself , replaced with light snow. so they had a more enjoyable activity.

Elaine , the leader believes in  healthy eating. Because of this their meals are at most vegetarian.  Exception is ham and chicken buttys for their packed lunches.

They enjoyed a menu  consisting  of pasta bake, baked potatoes and fillings and bolognaise.  All the students join in with duties with preparation, cooking and clearing up. The Prince’s Trust are always self-catering , but at Coldwell we do offer full-board options too including all dietary requirements like vegetarian.

On the Wednesday the Sun shone for the first time in a long time.  No rain, hurray! The weather has been terrible around the country with devastating floods. Although we have been lucky as whenever a group doing activities it has never stopped one . We are fortunate here as we are high up so have not suffered from floods, touch wood.  They did a full-day and evening  team challenge.  With instructors Colin and Gary from outdoor elements , the group split into 2 groups  competing. Combined activities of archery , survival  skills tasks in the morning, then in the afternoon  problem solving tasks are participated in to collect cards info cards.   During the evening session there may be 1-2 more problem solving tasks and then see who is the winner!

IMG_20160210_110625655      IMG_20160210_110506499


We also have a free orienteering course in the woods along with many more on-site and off-site activities available.

IMG_20160210_105552779                                      IMG_20160210_105525188


Steve at Burrows Mini Coaches collects them on Thursday to Outdoor Elements . Testing their nerves on the high ropes course the activities incorporated Jacobs Ladder, Crate Stack, Climbing Trees and Leap of Faith.

The Friday departure day the leaders make sure they cleanup after themselves.  Our manager Claire handed out certificates with their achievements in the activities. They all looked ready for home. Tiring , challenging  and out of their com fort zones but a rewarding week with a great sense of achievement.

We support and recommend the Prince’s Trust scheme. We make sure we get this across to the students how important it is to stay on the programme. Employers will recognise  someone who has stuck with it and completed the scheme .  A high percentage of students on the scheme go on to further education, college courses, volunteering and employment.

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